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1v1.......At the base of everything

It is no secret that one of the most important situations during

a game of soccer is the 1v1.During the course of a game, attackers have to decide whether to beat opponents by dribbling or passing the ball, while defenders have to prevent opponents from getting near the goal and scoring.

To be effective in 1v1 situations, each player must have good overall technical and tactical understanding. In many cases the outcome of a game is decided by the ability of a team to win those 1v1duals.

In 1v1 training games, each player experiences, analyzes, and solves individual tactical attacking and defending situations.

Furthermore, players come to understand the level of their ability, what they are able to do well, and other aspects of the game that need improvement.

On the attacking side, players that have good dribbling abilities combined with quickness and a combination of moves and fakes, will have more success in beating an opponent.

On the defending side, good speed, determination, and physical abilities are the key ingredients that make good defenders.

All the basic attacking and defending situations begin when a player either has possession of the ball, or has lost it.

Following is a series of 1v1 exercises that reflect theses basic situations.

There are many other exercises to improve the 1v1 situation. Make it competitive, fun, and most of all informative. 1v1 situations should be part of a development plan from the early ages.

Encourage younger players to experiment and be creative with the ball. Systematic teaching of ball mastery should be part of any program.The defending side is equally important and should be introduced early.

Giving players solutions to the problems they face during exercises of 1v1, it is not always the best approach. Allow them to discover the various problems they encounter by asking questions and let them find possible solutions for themselves.

Methodology and organization

During the 1v1 players will learn “how to play”

It is important to follow a proper methodological approach that ranges :

•From easy to more difficult tasks

•From the known to the unknown

•From simple to more complex

•Lots of repetition and variations

Coaching Points for Attackers

•Go straight at the defender

•Be in control of the ball

•Unbalance the defender with fakes

•Change direction

•Change speed

•Lots of attitude

Coaching Points for Defenders

•Close down the space between you and the attacker

•Slow down the attacker

•Channel the attacker wide

•Wait for the right moment to tackle the ball

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