• Raffaele Tomarchio

The Last 9 Seconds : a psychological perspective on scoring goals.

Have you ever wondered why so many great goal scoring opportunities in the game of soccer are not converted into goals? In The Last 9 Seconds: The Secrets to Scoring Goals on the Last Touch, A Psychological Perspective, John DeBenedictis provides soccer coaches with solutions to this problem tackling it from a psychological perspective. This comprehensive volume is packed with hundreds of full color soccer photos and illustrations. How can a player who can kick, pass, shoot, or head a ball correctly, often miss a golden opportunity?

In The Last 9 Seconds, DeBenedictis stresses how to coach soccer players on an in-depth individual basis about how to prepare to score. He focuses on the psychological issues that players encounter in the 9 seconds (or less) prior to a goal scoring opportunity. The Last 9 Seconds is written for soccer coaches of players 13 years of age right up to Professionals. Since soccer is a low scoring game, one extra goal at the right moment can change a player’s or coach’s career.

This book provides soccer coaches with unique mental training methods of coaching their strikers to score more goals on the chances that they get. DeBenedictis writes with passion on the topic of scoring goals. Having played as a goalkeeper he knew exactly what it took to score on him. The Last 9 Seconds is a reference and instructional book for soccer coaches to use when their team or players are having problems scoring goals. He has studied this aspect of the game in great detail and has also included new ideas on player development and how young players learn. He truly deciphers the art and science of scoring goals.

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